lunes, 16 de enero de 2023


Vittorio de Sica. “Ieri, oggi, domani”. 1963

“… If there's been a way to build it,
There'll be a way to destroy it,
Things are not all that out of control”

“… Yes, we walked in the sunlight
And now live our old life
Yes, enough from the background
All these walls we can tear down
Is the fate of loved ones
That seek out the nightmares
Are we all what it feels like
And I wanna make it all, yes
And when I’m in the mood from this stage
Ah, well it feels like
Is this the part of the new start?
A new start under the moonlights…”

Borrar la historia, deconstruir el relato, imaginar lo venidero.
La construcción contemporánea de la verosimilitud sobre la más pura arbitrariedad y pre-juicio.

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